About DNA Testing Information Portal

With spectacular advances in DNA science, the genetic make up of an individual can be studied and analyzed rapidly and thoroughly. Scientists are now capable of learning a great deal of information by looking at our DNA. Therefore, keeping up with such information overload is quite hard. We created this portal to  bring ‘down to earth’ progress in DNA science and keep you informed.

We focus on ‘consumer genetics’, the branch of genetic science that deals with ‘regular people market’ applications. What does this mean? Here are a few examples of “Consumer genetics applications”:

Exploring your ancestry: our DNA contains lots of traces of our genealogical history. Fortunately, DNA scientists can now uncover that information with unprecedented detail. A number of companies offer Ancestry DNA testing services. From a tiny sample of saliva, these companies decode specific regions of your DNA. The information contained in these regions is compared with specialized databases and classified according to the ethnic composition of your DNA.

Paternity testing:

Genetic predisposition to medical conditions or risk of disease: