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Major genetic study confirms that many genes contribute to risk for Tourette’s syndrome

March 2, 2019 dna 0
A meta-analysis of multiple studies into the genetic background of Tourette’s syndrome (TS) — a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by chronic involuntary motor and vocal tics — finds that variants in hundreds of genes, working in combination, contribute to the development of the syndrome and suggests that Tourette’s is part of a continuous spectrum of tic disorders, ranging from mild, sometimes transient tics to severe cases that can include psychiatric symptoms.
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New ‘interspecies communication’ strategy between gut bacteria and mammalian hosts uncovered

March 1, 2019 dna 0
Bacteria in the gut do far more than help digest food in the stomachs of their hosts; they can also tell the genes in their mammalian hosts what to do. A study describes a form of ‘interspecies communication’ in which bacteria secrete a specific molecule — nitric oxide — that allows them to communicate with and control their hosts’ DNA, and suggests that the conversation between the two may broadly influence human health.