DNA testing and genetic counseling: truth or consequences.

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DNA testing and genetic counseling: truth or consequences.

Wis Med J. 1994 Feb;93(2):51-4

Authors: Reynolds NC, Lebel RR, Hamsher Kde S, Blackwell B, Elejalde BR, Winter GR

Advances in medical genetics are providing a major clinical challenge to practitioners seeing patients concerned about their risk of developing either inherited disease or susceptibility to acquired disease. Popular information can easily exceed our professional ability to provide services to well-read patients who want answers with scientific certainty. The challenge also involves ethical questions regarding confidentiality and the way that results are disclosed. More often than not, the test itself becomes the focus of psychosocial expectations for the future and lifestyle of the patient and family. The behavioral consequences of disclosure of test results need to be anticipated by the caregiver to avoid adverse psychological outcomes.

PMID: 8191778 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]