Neuropsin in mental health.

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Neuropsin in mental health.

J Physiol Sci. 2020 May 15;70(1):26

Authors: Bukowski L, Chernomorchenko AMF, Starnawska A, Mors O, Staunstrup NH, Børglum AD, Qvist P

Neuropsin is a brain-expressed extracellular matrix serine protease that governs synaptic plasticity through activity-induced proteolytic cleavage of synaptic proteins. Its substrates comprise several molecules central to structural synaptic plasticity, and studies in rodents have documented its role in cognition and the behavioral and neurobiological response to stress. Intriguingly, differential usage of KLK8 (neuropsin gene) splice forms in the fetal and adult brain has only been reported in humans, suggesting that neuropsin may serve a specialized role in human neurodevelopment. Through systematic interrogation of large-scale genetic data, we review KLK8 regulation in the context of mental health and provide a summary of clinical and preclinical evidence supporting a role for neuropsin in the pathogenesis of mental illness.

PMID: 32414324 [PubMed – in process]